5 Classic Men’s Shirt Patterns That Will Never Go Out Of Style

1.Checks Shirt

Checked shirts are universal shirts, the most popular pattern among all of us. we all own a checked shirt or five. Ranging from casual to slightly-smarter casual, checked shirts can fit any style and occasion. A checked shirt should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Unlike Hawaiian shirts, your checked shirts will never go out of style, so buying one now is an investment for the indefinite future. Mixing Up These Shirts With a good pair of jeans will definitely boost up your look.

2.Printed Shirts.

Printed shirts are the ones in which there is some graphic print or design or an image is printed. Printed shirt lends to enhance your look and style. you can wear them in casual parties, clubs, and concerts.

3.Oxford Shirt

Primary shirt design which looks simple and subtle and the fact it usually won’t include patterns or logos helps it maintain a look that never becomes tarnished with changing trends. The reason no man should be without one in their wardrobe is that there is never a time they look out of place, you will simply look smart and sophisticated. Wear it with jeans, trousers, shoes, boots and more for a clean cut look.

4.Mandarin Collar Shirts

These shirts are the most versatile because you can pair with anything from jeans to trousers, from shorts to chinos. Mandarin Collar Shirts fit on every occasion. Upgrade your wardrobe with a mandarin shirt and rock up the style

5.Solid Plain Shirts

These shirts can be worn all day long and can be worn at any formal occasion. These shirts design can pair with a blazer and formal shoes. All of us must have a solid plain shirt

So, There You guys these 5 classic mens shirt patterns will definitely work. You can also check out our IndianThreads style collection